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About Sparkmonkey Inc.

Man Welding

Old Parts, New Life
About the Grumpy Old Man

Just a tradesman trying to make things work and have fun while doing it. With a passion for coming up with unique and outside-the-box ideas, while also experimenting with imagination and technique, I try my best to use recycled materials that would end up in the landfill and do my part to reuse and recycle. Even the packaging is reused from something else. We live in such a wasteful society. I really want to make a stand on that. Sometimes it means the pieces I use have signs of years of use but to me, it's character, like an old farmhouse or a set of old barn doors used in decor of a new home.  Trying to do my part on this planet until I find another one to live on.

Unlike recycling programs that use maybe 10% of the resource, I will repurpose 90% of the materials I collect. Explore the Portfolio to learn more about the skill and style of Sparkmonkey Inc.


See something you like? Email me and if I don't have it in stock I'll give you a time frame. If I have the parts, I will make something custom for you.

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