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Welding for beginners. Welcome to the world of making sparks and melting stuff -welding is awesome.

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

This a place that people can come and chat about welding no matter your skill level. Need some help and advice check out my Instagram at sparkmonkey_metal_art. Dm me there ill try my best.

I have been a b pressure welder for about 16 years until I got injured and have limited use of my hand. Can still weld but not like i used to so I created this to help those that want to and just need a little bit of help. I still make things on the side but can't sustain a 12 hour day of it. You need some inspiration check out the page at This trade is one of the best if you can tough out the burns in tender places and hot dirty work needed.

It uses one of the most recycled materials on the planet not to mention it's also needed by every industry there is in some way weather it's in the actual build or in the making of the machines that build for you there was a welder somewhere that made it possible.

There is a lot of info out there but over half is bs you don't need and the other is all one sided and from my experience there are 100 different ways to get it can be done in the trade so let me give you a few that helped me. Will this be all of them, no there will be more to come and in no particular order. If you are a pro and you disagree that's cool because it means I was right in the fact that it can be done other ways to suit the individual. Oh and this will not be too wordy don't worry I'll put it down like I would speak it. well maybe less cursing. maybe.

1) First thing I see out there for advice is to start on thin metal to practice. To me that is totally wrong. Thin stuff is a pain, and your travel speed and heat must be dead on or you just make holes. Start on something at least 1/4 inch thick or better so you can take you time. if it's a one-time project you can start on the material you are using after you get a few good beads in.

2) You have to choose the right process for the job. If your outside in the wind it's going to be stick welding for me. If I want it nice and sexy and neat and I'm indoors ill run tig. If there is a ton of inches to weld i would pick mig if I am inside.

3) what is it you are welding? Is an armature job good enough? I can do plumbing work but if its anything on the main stack for the house ill call somebody in. They are trades with tickets for a reason. So, I would suggest if its going to be on the road like a trailer frame or holding weight overhead then call the right people. Even just practice enough till you get there, don't go till you get a good bead and think you're ready for overhead frame welding. Sometimes it looks prety on the outside but its not fused properly and you will have trouble so just use common sense and look for help.

There are a hundred more points to give and I will be adding more later but if you are stuck and really just need advice head over to and contact me via email or Instagram we will see if i can get you going. Have fun and last tip--don't weld over your crotch when doing overheads if you can avoid it. and dont ask how I know that one.

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